Sep. 24th, 2005 09:59 am
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Those that have been following our house saga may be interested to know that we picked up keys on Thursday, though a number of the items found during the Practical Completion inspection nearly three weeks earlier (eg. flumed exhausts lacking flumes (ie. vented into the roof cavity instead of outside like we paid for), a couple of cases of appalling plasterwork, and a couple of loose external bricks) still have yet to be rectified.

We currently shuttling back and forth carrying little stuff. Most of the contents of the kitchen is moved, which means no breakfast for me this morning. :P The big stuff will get moved tomorrow (Sunday), when Linda's brothers (who just happen to work for a removalist company) will borrow a work truck.

The day before carpets and lino were scheduled to be installed we received a call from Trevor's Carpets (who seem to have no URL). You know the carpet you selected six months ago and paid for three months ago? Discontinued, so you can't have any. And the lino? Discontinued. Idiots. Oh, and can you come in today to make replacement selections? Sigh. Fortunately it seems to have turned out for the better, as the replacement carpet is somewhat plusher and is still a nice colour, and the lino turned out to be a much better choice too. So overall their collossal stuff-up turned into a win for us.

On the other hand, we were less impressed yesterday upon discovering that water in the ensuite basin doesn't drain faster than about two litres per hour. And because it's not an 'emergency' I can't get it fixed until Tuesday...

Oh yeah. I also have a wedding in 28 days...


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