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We picked up the car late yesterday afternoon. Can it be drive time now plz? )

If we exclude the car I had 14 years ago on account of it being (I'm pretty sure) registered in my mum's name, then this will technically be my first car. :P I am looking forward to driving to Toodjay this weekend.

When leaving the house this morning we realised we'd left a garage remote in the Festiva. Oops.

In unrelated news we attended a wedding on Sunday. Linda did all the flowers (bouquets, corsages, buttonholes, table centrepieces); photos will be added to her portfolio soon. I was handed a small MiniDV camera with which to record proceedings. I suspect my still camera takes better video though. OTOH my memory cards store less than the tapes. Another two weddings the next two weekends (both of which Linda's doing the flowers for), and a fourth later next month, will hopefully conclude our wedding season for this year. :P
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Last weekend was Art and Anna's wedding. I had been volunteered to be first at the venue to help with initial setup. I also got to drive their car, which was quite fun, though I still find the springy feel of power steering to be unpleasant. Anyway, overall it was a very pleasant and relaxed (albeit busy) day, and I think I got a few good photos. Not necessarily always the best photos, but it was good to get some practice under the conditions (bright sunlight with shaded area can make managing the dynamic range tricky).

Anyway, onto some of my better shots of the day. )
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Oh yeah, Linda and I (along with most of my immediate family) are going to Melbourne for my brother's wedding. We'll be there from the 5th to the 13th.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do/see during the 8 days that we're there? Already definites are Scienceworks, Federation Square and ACMI. We also intend to wander random alleys. We have a Melbourne Entertainment Book, and are not afraid to use it.
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Those of you that know me (which is hopefully most of you) will probably want to look here. Of course, if you don't know me you can look too...

In other news, we moved into the new house a couple of weekends ago. There were some minor teething problems...such as a complete lack of hot water (due to the builder forgetting to tell the hot water system people to commission the thing :P) and a blocked drain. We also got a security system last week, which has helped peace of mind quite a bit as the house two doors down from us got burgled on Tuesday...


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