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Oh yeah, Linda and I (along with most of my immediate family) are going to Melbourne for my brother's wedding. We'll be there from the 5th to the 13th.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to do/see during the 8 days that we're there? Already definites are Scienceworks, Federation Square and ACMI. We also intend to wander random alleys. We have a Melbourne Entertainment Book, and are not afraid to use it.


Dec. 30th, 2006 01:26 pm
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Well, it seems that Linda has posted twice in two days, and seeing as I'd been telling myself I'd do a photo-related posted anyway, here I am.

Some of you may have noticed my enthusiasm for taking photos. )
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It was my Nonna's birthday, so we went over for dinner last night. Stuffed ourselves with heaps of food including fresh home-made pasta, crumbed cutlets, and an alcohol-soaked cake. There was also Tia Maria, which - when served on milk and ice - was sufficiently non-objectionable that it now sits at the top of my least-disgusting alcoholic drinks list. Not that I had much; I'm a bit of an ultra-cadbury, and I was driving. It was also amusing to see my uncle (and to a lesser degree my mum and Nonna) slightly drunk.

At work, I've been given the task of upgrading software on a windows 2000 server. Only trouble is, I'm a unix administrator. :P Management's logic behind this is that this particular software is controlled from the command line and is therefore unix-like. *facepalms* I wonder what they'll say if I mentioned the 'NET START foo' and 'NET STOP foo' commands that can be used to start/stop windows' own services...

Having hardware issues with my home PC at the moment. I paid precisely $0 for the mobo, CPU and RAM, so I can't really complain. But it's a bit disturbing that the machine is mostly happy when I run the RAM at 133MHz (besides the random segfaults and occasional data corruption), but when I drop it to 100MHz memtest86 stops complaining, but my xserver no long starts up (hangs, eats 100% CPU, unkillable). Go figure.
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...you'd see something like this:
9 Grains Blend (41%) Contains: (
   Puffed Rice,
   Wheat Flakes (Contains:
      Raw Sugar,
      Malt Extract (
         from Barley
   Corn Flakes (Contains:
      Corn Grits,
      Raw Sugar,
      Malt Extract (
         from Barley
      Vitamins (
         Folic Acid
      Mineral (
   Wheat Bran,
   Sunflower Kernel,
   Poppy Seeds,
   Puffed Whole Wheat,
Glucose Syrup (
   from Wheat
Sweetened Condensed Skim Milk (Contains:
   Skim Milk,
Invert Sugar,
Dried Paw Paw (Contains:
   Paw Paw,
   Preservative (
   Colour (
Hemectant (
Vegetable Oils (Contains:
   Soyabean &
   Peanut Oils
Emulsifier (
   Soya Lecithin

Actually, the above text is verbatim from a '9 Grains Breakfast Bar' I just ate. I only added formatting (so that I could easily match up all the bracket pairs).

Was quite tasty though.

In other (very belated) news I notice I haven't actually posted since getting married, so it is conceivable that there may be a very small (but non-zero) number of you who didn't know that the resulting photos are online (except for the table camera photos, which are still sitting on my computer. I'll upload them Real Soon Now, honest!). The honeymoon was worth it just for the sunset on the flight up. I really liked Broome.


Oct. 10th, 2005 02:02 pm
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Woo, I am a third of a century old today. Unfortunately too busy to celebrate...

Thinking of it in terms of being a vinyl LP somehow makes the thought of one day being a 12" remix just a bit more appealing. A bit.

12 days!
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Those of you that know me (which is hopefully most of you) will probably want to look here. Of course, if you don't know me you can look too...

In other news, we moved into the new house a couple of weekends ago. There were some minor teething problems...such as a complete lack of hot water (due to the builder forgetting to tell the hot water system people to commission the thing :P) and a blocked drain. We also got a security system last week, which has helped peace of mind quite a bit as the house two doors down from us got burgled on Tuesday...


Sep. 24th, 2005 09:59 am
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Those that have been following our house saga may be interested to know that we picked up keys on Thursday, though a number of the items found during the Practical Completion inspection nearly three weeks earlier (eg. flumed exhausts lacking flumes (ie. vented into the roof cavity instead of outside like we paid for), a couple of cases of appalling plasterwork, and a couple of loose external bricks) still have yet to be rectified.

We currently shuttling back and forth carrying little stuff. Most of the contents of the kitchen is moved, which means no breakfast for me this morning. :P The big stuff will get moved tomorrow (Sunday), when Linda's brothers (who just happen to work for a removalist company) will borrow a work truck.

The day before carpets and lino were scheduled to be installed we received a call from Trevor's Carpets (who seem to have no URL). You know the carpet you selected six months ago and paid for three months ago? Discontinued, so you can't have any. And the lino? Discontinued. Idiots. Oh, and can you come in today to make replacement selections? Sigh. Fortunately it seems to have turned out for the better, as the replacement carpet is somewhat plusher and is still a nice colour, and the lino turned out to be a much better choice too. So overall their collossal stuff-up turned into a win for us.

On the other hand, we were less impressed yesterday upon discovering that water in the ensuite basin doesn't drain faster than about two litres per hour. And because it's not an 'emergency' I can't get it fixed until Tuesday...

Oh yeah. I also have a wedding in 28 days...


Apr. 21st, 2005 12:04 am
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For those that haven't been closely following my gallery closely, we now have walls. Actually, we've had a complete set of walls since the Wednesday after Easter, but I've been too busy/slack to upload photos and document it here. Construction of brickwork started on March 24th and completed on April 6th (and when I get around to it, photos I'd taken the next day will appear here). I'm horribly behind on uploading photos. On the other hand I've all done all the stitching. But on the third hand I'm not up to date with captioning the photos I've already uploaded either. Oh well. In the meantime, go look at the Swancon photos. Also take a look at the huge Koi (seven hundred dollars?!! *faints*) in my mum and step-fathers' pond, which I saw for the first time when I visited for lunch on Easter Sunday.

Wrote a grumbling kind of letter to BGC/Commodore. They're trying to claim not needing to compensate us for delays in February and March to window frames (because they didn't notice our front window was not a size they manufactured), roof timbers (despite brickwork not actually being completed any time in March!) and rain (despite there being just one (working) day of non-zero rainfall in the second half of March). I look forward to hearing their reasoning. Sigh. While it hasn't yet put me off building, I think if I did it all again I would not touch any BGC-affiliated building company with a barge pole. As for Linda's opinion, well all I'll say is that I keep having to tell her that it's not me she should be raising her hackles at. She thinks I'm too soft on BGC. :P

I hear Scott Park Homes are good...


Feb. 16th, 2005 12:13 am
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Finally! Some progress on the house.

A few weeks after agreeing to cough up $600 for switching from the default lime silica bricks (which due to a broken down kiln (I think they actually meant autoclave - lime silica brick are manufactured using a different process to normal bricks) looked like resulting in considerably extra delay) to clay, results arrived, in the form of internal bricks, a port-a-loo and a mini shed. Hopefully a load of yellow sand will arrive, and be followed by actual construction.

Meanwhile, our current contract rep has stopped changing long enough for them to notice that BGC's window company doesn't actually make windows the right size we have for the master bedroom. So we have to pick a different size.


Jan. 20th, 2005 01:30 am
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That's right, yet another LiveJournal post commenting on the plume of smoke hanging around Perth since Sunday. This morning I took photos.

In house news, something happened! Door frames were delivered. Ho hum.

(URLs fixed 20070303)


Jan. 3rd, 2005 04:12 am
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Finished stitching, uploading, rotating and captioning the literally hundreds of photos I took on new year's eve. My mini tripod got lots of use in the evening, and the results were well worth it, even though a few of the photos were a bit underexposed. Yay for manual-everything digital cameras. Mussel pool at Whiteman Park is a beautiful place indeed. You can find the photos here, unless of course my home network dies unexpectedly (which, by definition, I don't expect it to do...).
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Whoah, two posts in the same month. :P

Christmas photos are now available. The gallery on my workstation (cnspc18) is currently offline following a hardware upgrade, and will probably stay that way, as I have much more diskspace available here at home, albeit with much less bandwidth. I hope to eventually migrate the old albums.


Dec. 26th, 2004 11:16 am
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Well, that was a remarkably stress-free Christmas, despite my brother-in-law's BBQ catching on fire (I think my sister was the only one who wasn't amused), and there being huge mountains of food left over here from last night. Good thing we have two fridges. If you want some food, just ask. :P

House status: there has basically been no change since two months ago when the external bricks arrived. Various excuses pried out of Commodore Homes during numerous phone calls asking for an update have been mostly in the direction of Midland Brick - kiln broke down; bricks ordered August 1; lack of control of how Midland fulfill the list of sites given them; blah blah blah. Current claim by Commodore is that bricks would arrive and construction started around the middle of next month.

Jung Explorer Test )


Oct. 6th, 2004 02:32 pm
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Spent the long weekend at Jurien Bay. Drove up Saturday afternoon after the wedding ceremony of one of Linda's cow-orkers. Linda took some nice sunset photos in the car (and a lot of blurry ones too :P). A few kilometres from Cervantes we saw what I initially thought were clouds of water vapour (fog?!) hovering just above many of the bushes, but quickly realised this was not the case.

The next day we took a trip to the Pinnacles desert in Nambung National Park. It felt quite surreal with the track literally weaving between the rocks. I would have been happy to spend hours driving around the track. It was nine dollars per car well spent, in my opinion.

Afterwards we went to the strangely named Hangover Bay, where some of us fished while others sunbaked (or sunburnt) or just played in the sand. Much later we returned to Cervantes to watch the sunset.

Monday was mostly spent packing up and driving back to Perth. The roads - and the same Cataby roadhouse we stopped at two days previously - were considerably busier on the return journey.


Sep. 17th, 2004 04:18 pm
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I'm not usually the memey type, but...

I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)

Also, as a random observation, I keep discovering that people I know have journals. *waves in general directions of Emma, Gina, Fe*

Oh, and yesterday we noticed that some steel mesh has been dumped at the front of our block. Hopefully this means that a concrete pad is soon to follow.
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Hurrah! We visited our block yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find that someone had run a bulldozer over the dirt. I duly took photos. I wonder how much of the reason for it was pointing out last week that yesterday marked the 45th working day since building approval (penalties apply if construction starts later than this). We didn't really believe them when we were told that they couldn't start the earthworks due to next door's roof tiles being on our land, largely because the previous week we noticed that the roof tiles were already on their roof...


Jun. 17th, 2004 03:54 pm
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It seems that some of the Murdoch students I know have suddenly become aware of this blog, so this post is just for them. Hi guys.

Moved office yesterday, from a sectioned off area of a workshoppy type area to a bisected room about 15 metres away that has a glass wall separating it from the rest of the computer operations area. There have been constant references from other staff to the room being a fishbowl. I'd link to some photos, but I haven't even sucked them out of the camera, let alone uploaded them anywhere.

In other news, we now have the final plans for our house from Commodore. It's only took ten weeks from pre-start. Sheesh. Hopefully Linda won't despair so much about all the houses going up around us. Construction will hopefully commence in about three weeks or so.

Also, cool, so that's what that '<- XMMS' button on Drivel does. Particularly strange when you suspect the person who added that feature is someone you know. Whose fiance works at the same pharmacy as one of Linda and I's SES friends. And she in turn is the cousin of one of my coworkers here. At the risk of laboring the point, Perth is a village.

Oh yeah, still no ADSL yet. Fricken Telstra.


Apr. 15th, 2004 10:37 pm
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Well, mostly net.dead, which means I'm slightly net.alive.

Linda and I moved house last weekend. Probably not the best timing in the world, as it meant that not only did I miss large chunks of SwanCon due to moving, but I also missed large chunks of moving due to SwanCon.

SwanCon was good, by the way. I look forward to next year's convention. And so does Linda; hopefully she'll actually turn up instead of me having to pass on hugs and greetings from numerous people attending the con... :P

New house isn't too bad. No ensuite or ADSL, but I think I'll cope. : ) Spent a ludicrous amount of money on a fridge (535L!) and washing machine (front-load, 7kg). Good thing Linda's expecting a large tax cheque ($4500) this year. And yay for 12 months interest free credit (but fear the 27.5% interest that accrues after it).

Now sitting here willing my ADSL application to be successful. Dialup is a real come-down after being on ADSL for the last 8 months.


Mar. 21st, 2004 07:43 pm
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A busy weekend. On Saturday was Town of Bassendean's Multicultural Food Fair, and SES was recruited to enforce the fireworks exclusion area at Mary Crescent Reserve. Was a very quiet afternoon, but was made up for when towards the end of the fireworks display a different form of fireworks occurred in the form of the reeds inside the exclusion zone catching alight. The firies on hand chose to wait for the flames to reach a worthy height (about three metres) before dousing it.

A couple of hours after that I dropped Linda off at SES base for an all-night operations exercise, and then attempted to attend [livejournal.com profile] pooxs's housewarming party, only to find Nick and Alistair outside saying I missed it. Oh well.

Onto the next item on my schedule, namely Adrenaline Experiment at Big Apple. Not a bad venue. Having the choice of upstairs, downstairs and outside was nice, and had neither the appearance of a dingy basement nor a warehouse.

There were a few interesting people there, though one I talked to perhaps would have been better off if she'd taken fewer dexies...I'm sure her jaw will be sore in the morning from all the (near non-stop) talking. Things wound up around 4am, and after dropping M2 off home I went home to sleep.

...only to be woken up at 5:30am by Linda wanting me to come down to pick her up. On the drive there watching the gaps in the morning cloud cover grown visibly lighter was breaking my brain, though part of that might have been the sleep deprivation. A greasy breakfast was cooked, of which I ate a hash brown and half a fried egg and tomato sandwich, and eventually got home to sleep at 7am.

Much later in the day we took a look at one possible rental option. Another option yet to be explored is an offer from one of Linda's friends to move into a house somewhere. So hopefully we'll be able to afford to not slum it for the next six months until the house is built.


Mar. 15th, 2004 11:00 pm
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A bit of a soap opera here. It would seem we may have to move house, well before the six months it will take to build our house. The owners of our current share-house in Dianella have decided they want to sell. They've offered a place in Marangaroo for the same price (which will become available in three weeks), however Linda would prefer to put distance between herself and the housemate(s) currently giving her the shits. The two locksmiths we also share with have also (independently) made plans to move out. My care factor regarding the interpersonal politics is actually very, very small; I like to think I can get along well enough with anybody; but unfortunately others in the house have lower thresholds of pain, so to speak.

Oh well, time to look in the papers I guess.

On an unrelated note, I've been playing with smokeping, which I'm using to measure the latency across the ADSL link. During peak periods latency goes from a normal 50ms or so to a dialup-like 400ms, and these graphs will hopefully provide a good picture of what's happening.


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