Oct. 7th, 2007

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Looks like some time next week I'll own my (technically[1]) first car. While Linda and I had been discussing on and off for quite a while the possibility of replacing the Lindamobile, in the last couple of weeks interest has been slowly ramping up, culminating in Linda sending me (along with another (more expensive) car) this ad on Friday, which turns out to be pretty much exactly the sort of car I had in mind. Today (well, Saturday) we took the car for a test drive (with our nephew Issac in tow), and liked it enough to be comfortable putting down a deposit, though I did spend an awfully long time staring at the dotted line awaiting my signature. The line between making impulse decisions and being unable to make a decision is thinner than I thought. :P

It'll be kinda sad to see the Festiva go. But nothing lasts forever; including cars. While Linda bought the car before she met me, I've driven the majority of the quarter of a million kilometres it's done. I will have to take some photos for nostalgia's sake before we pick the new car up (and thus join the seemingly large number of people who have acquired new cars recently).

[1]: I am of course excluding the several cars I drove on a regular basis but didn't actually own, such as said Festiva, and much less recently, a somewhat neglected Mark II Cortina (registered in my mum's name, but otherwise you may prefer to consider this to be my first real car. :P).


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