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Yes, it's that meme that's been doing the rounds.

1) Why aren't you afraid of me? *stamps foot*

Heh. I did not notice that there was anything to fear. *wonders if this will be seen as an invitation to change that :P*

2) What's the most beautiful thing in Linstar's eyes?

That fire that results in Stuff Getting Done. eg. dinner parties :P

3) Where would you like to live?

Within Perth? While I like where I am now, I'm probably only a division one lotto win away from considering somewhere nice closer to town with better public transport (eg. the nicer parts of Mt Lawley/Menora/etc)

Within Australia? While I like where I am now, I think I could consider Broome or Melbourne (though the latter's weather works very much against it).

4) What's missing from your life?

*scratches chin* Time. Yes, definitely time. Well, not missing per se, just that I wish there was more of it.

5) What is your favourite drink toast?

While "To debauchery" has an appealing ring to it (albeit perhaps with a hint of wishful thinking :P), I think from a broader perspective "To friendship" may be more universally useful sentiment to express. I don't have any particular preferred phrasings in mind, though my tastes do lean towards the brief and concise end of the scale.

I guess this means I'm now open to asking or answering everyone else's questions too. :P
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